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December 24, 2020

shanghai university chinese language program

Join other foreign students on the CIP Platform to a Semester long fun, travel exposure, networking and self-discovery, In addition to the semester and year-long Chinese language programs, we also have intensive Chinese language courses in Shanghai. Cultural issues entangle the work of a marketer in China and you cannot override it. Standard Classes last for 4 classes per day from Monday to Friday and the Intensive Mandarin Classes lasts for  6 classes per day. We keep to our support pledge with the intention of making sure that all stakeholders are given the needed guidance to realize the best out of the program. There exists a solid depository of Temples, Parks, Mausoleums in other cities like Nanjing and Shenzhen. Getting through the first week wasn’t very easy for me because of the unfamiliar. Need more space? This information was dissected and manipulated to get signals of the seasonality of demands, recent trends in demand and competition statistics. Building Participants can apply into intensive Chinese language programs. learn Chinese in shanghai, as there is a combination of history and modernity, with places such as The Bund & Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Longhua Park, World financial Center, and much more. Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College. If you have studied, or are studying the Chinese language at Donghua, tuition discount can also be applied to you. Let CIP handle arranging your accommodation before you arrive, ensuring on arrival your new place is ready for you to make it home. You are welcome to China and we will treat you to a professional study abroad Program, All Leaning Materials including books & Library Registeration, Cultural Immersion, Weekend and Social Activities, All Comprehensive Components or Our Language Programs. The most crucial aspect of my job was to understand both the western culture and the eastern culture; by acknowledging how they differ and by making sure that there is no cultural misunderstanding between the local and the international parties. Join participants from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy and the rest of the world to a deep cultural immersion and read to discover China like a local. There are classes for beginners, intermediate, and advance learners. These experiences will live with me forever and I think my International environmental agenda will happen live! These facts are very petty but vital for success. Check our Program contents page for more. Looking to study abroad China for a year, and get the best of your experience? But ... China Internship Placement was at the center of getting me a consultancy internship when I was looking for one. It is very efficient and reliable. Miracle Mandarin Chinese School, Shanghai:Founded in 2003, Miracle Mandarin Chinese School is a professional Mandarin school based in Shanghai, China. Get more information from, Considering a Chinese language course in Shanghai? I was excited because there was so much going on within the company which allowed me to first hand explore the details most aspects of Finance. I did what I could do just to remain safe, but my parents still doubt my choice but eventually, I took the risk. Shanghai is more cosmopolitan than you could ever imagine. Long-term Chinese programs: Semester or Academic Year. My Chinese speaking skills were enhanced after 3 months of study and this I will confess was essential to my success. They also contribute to the discourse of influencing Chinese Green Economy Policies through a variety of lobby activities. Mastering the pronunciation, tones, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure of general Chinese, Comparing Chinese culture with that of the   student’s motherland and deepening understanding of Chinese culture, Capable of thinking in Chinese and speaking Chinese with high fluency, Enhancing Chinese reading and writing skills and capable of talking about a variety of topics. Optional courses including Pronunciation, Shanghai Dialect, Chinese Movie,Chinese sayings and proverbs, etc. Learn Chinese in Shanghai with our alternative Chinese language programs aimed at getting your Mandarin ahead as quickly as possible. Let any orga... A properly researched and designed marketing strategy is the best requirement for any multinational organization looking to break boundaries to increase global market presence and revenue. Chinese Language Program This included 1000 RMB and a treat to Spa and Dinner with the department head on next Sunday. This information are released during the first contact with the client and also updated to our Health and Safety Standards page. I worked directly with the Associate in charge of preparing companies for IPOs, I had the distinct pleasure of working with and overseeing a variety of initiatives and projects. Subject to availability, participants can join our Winter or spring Chinese Language courses in Shanghai. Upon successful completion of CIP mandarin program at Shanghai University, you can receive an official certificate and transcript from the university which is accepted by most other universities around the world. Apply now to speak with our Program Consultants. One thing that stuck out the most was how technologically advanced China has become. These prices are estimated as universities reserve the right to make Changes at any time. Every engineer could judge how valuable this experience is going to be for me. They are genuinely interested in helping out students achieve their goals. For more information about our insurance program for Internship and Study Abroad Programs, visit Insurance page. I was given a One-week orientation and training to fit into the department in Charge of Designing Intelligent Transportation Systems for countries and cities. I already knew about Twitter, facebook, Instagram etc but they all were blocked in China so I had to learn about WEIBO, WE CHAT and Renren. You reserve the right to demand corrections and additions. Shanghai University provides a welcoming environment for learning and Personal Development. All 20 of our Program Modules including Summer Internship Programs are designed to be safe, immersive and supportive. Using CIP’s platform for your Chinese language study in China, grants you extra support than you will ever get else where. Be part of the Shanghai University Language Program and get more value for your investment. These extra combinations will enhance your experience in China, This Chinese Course is designed to be a comprehensive combination of writing, speaking and reading Chinese language classes. CIP’s Chinese Language Partner Program is a unique feature of our Study Chinese in Shanghai and Internship programs, professionally crafted to speed and consolidate listening, speaking and writing skills of our participants. These segments provide participants with additional Chinese language practice in Mandarin. Flexibly designed to improve students, Chinese level, the program provides three kinds of classes, namely, the introductory class, the intermediate-level class and the advanced-level class, lasting from half a year to three years, to cater to the differen. Originally called Nan Yang Public School in 1896; by 1930 it had become known as the “Eastern MIT”. I was also scared by the horrible stories that I read online about some other internship providers and this scared me about scam. Chinese Program->Semester Chinese Language Program. The New Chinese Course is especially designed for the students who come from Europe or America, and who are not familiar with the Chinese writing system. 2) Great Location-Easy access to public transportation. Speed up your Mandarin skills with intensive Chinese language arrangements, and stay safe with our Insurance worth $100,000 health expenditure and emergency evacuation. Admission letters will be issued thereafter, At this Point, the program is well matured and you will go through orientations and pre arrival preparations including visa etc Bingo! Top 3 most applied programs are: Non - Degree degree Preparatory Chinese Language Course program, Non - Degree degree Preparatory Chinese Language Course program, Doctoral degree International Law program, You can apply all programs on CUCAS easily. It is an account I would like to give and could never finish. Students are housed in the Tonghe International Mansion, located on the northern side of campus. Headquartered in Beijing, they are the gateway for foreign cleantech companies to China’s green business and environmental market. Learn Chinese in Shanghai University for a semester, Year or summer for a complete immersion, exposure and fun. -Opportunity to participate business Chinese courses and activities held by the national business Chinese promotional base. Networking was a very important program component I miss while at home now. These programs are located in Beijing, known for the best language-learning environment, Shanghai with solid institutions teaching Chinese language to foreigners, Nanjing with historical sites, and more. You have to approve the content, price and all details. Study with ICES is an opportunity to get to know Chinese language, experience the culture and be part of Shanghai life. 4) Chinese Language National Research and Test Center. The company sources contracts within and outside China and their reputation are solid internationally. Interesting huh! A copy of the remittance notice for Application fee: 415RMB, International Students Dormitory Building NO.1, International   Students Dormitory Building NO.8, Shanghai  University of Finance and Economics, Industrial and Commercial Bank of  China, Shanghai Municipal Branch, No.369 Zhongshan Beiyi Road, Shanghai (200083), China, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, International Cultural Exchange School, Address: No. 369 Zhongshan Beiyi Road, Shanghai, P. R. China, 200083, Fill application form hrough online system (, III.Upload materials needed and submit application online. It was worth it too because I could confidently lead a campaign on these platforms in addition to what is in the west. Studying Chinese in Shanghai and need to make more of your stay? We do this so that participants have the opportunity to network during our Corporate Insight tours. Haven completed my First degree, I decided to gain a much intense skill dealing with serious projects. I sat to compare the experience with other interns who were not on the CIP Program and I am convinced CIP have the best program in China, Supervisor’s Remarks China Internship Placements offers Paid Internships Program in China as well as Intensive Chinese Language programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. *Courses and activities are subject to change. Conveniently located in the metropolitan Shanghai, Shanghai  University  is one of the oldest and most influential universities in China. First, CIP does regular through auditing of all safety processes incorporated in all programs. At this Point, the program is well matured and you will go through orientations and, preparations including visa etc Bingo! Then CIP will create a profile for you and submit your application to our partner universities. Top 3 most applied programs are: Bachelor degree International Economics and Trade program, Bachelor degree Artificial Intelligence program, Non - Degree degree General Chinese Program+HSK Tutoring Courses and Chinese Culture Courses program, You can apply all programs on CUCAS easily. I am sure you will love it. Our cities and locations harbor massive historical sites such as: The Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City (all in Beijing). This is more than just a review it is actually a memo and I hope you enjoyed it. We do this as a commitment to making sure we prove our adherence to safety measures and standards. Above 18 years old, non-Chinese citizen, and in good health. Right from the program design stage to execution, CIP remained very cooperative, supportive and professional in communicating with me and my friends. When finishing this course, students are required to master 50 basic Chinese grammatical points, 900 words, basic simple sentence patters and some basic conversation modes and language functions, having the ability of making simple conversation on the most common topics in dail… For China Internship Placements, I entertained some doubts from the beginning. During this segment, participants are briefed properly about the essential highlights of the program, also including weather conditions here and any red flags one should be prepared for before arriving in China. Upon the completion of the course, CIP will provide you with all the necessary documentation and assistance for credit transfer. From the moment I step foot in Beijing, a member of the CIP team was already eagerly waiting for my arrival. The Shanghai University spelled in Chinese characters as 上海大学 (Shànghǎi Dàxué), is a liberal arts research institution with campuses in Shanghai, China located at Baoshan, Jing’an and Jiading districts. It took me a while to agree to the offer. Get culturally immersed. This project went successfully as I was awarded separately for it. Live with local resident Chinese families under the same roof. Chinese approach to management always proved to be different from the west because there are cultural and societal characteristic pervasiveness. The Mandarin Programs come with credit. So I just laid a free tip J. Experience the Chinese culture and great immersion in Beijing. Check our Tour China Guide Page for deeper insights. provide degree programs for undergraduates majoring in Chinese Language & Culture and Business Chinese, and for Master candidates majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Please contact a program advisor for more details on the course schedule of university. Going international to gain experiences is never cheap and will never be cheap. In my opinion, Beijing is the best city to launch careers related to business related soft skills like consultancy, research, marketing etc because here is a heavy presence of Fortune 500 companies. My first choice of city was actually Shanghai; however, I am glad that I made the switch to Beijing instead. No program is perfect and as such I don’t expect this to be very perfect. CIP together with my host company conducts performance appraisal on my achievements and very frank recommendations are made to keep me in check. Summer programs and Winter Programs available. You can also check curriculum, fee structure, entry requirements information and apply SHUTCM on CUCAS directly. International recognition for outstanding academic performance, Affordable, accredited and quality Chinese language programs, Program fee covers tuition, accommodation, visa support documents, textbooks, certificate, welcome pack, free culture electives, social activities and guided tours, networking events, total support and assistance service pack, and much more, Professionally developed combining classroom lessons and cultural trips and immersion, Very flexible with add-on options like Internships, Volunteering, Travel, and Teaching, Homestay accommodation or shared apartment with a participant on our program, After an appointment with our team, we will use, gathered to design a complete program. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, there is a package for you. It was strange to me because I thought CIP had to do all those cover-ups. I tried some of these into articles on some travel blogs, I wished my visa never expired and my family never keep asking me to come back home J after extending it for a month of jolly cruising ride and Tour. These are some of my personal contributions to the company. At this point, applicants have to Pay Program Processing fee and then we proceed with submitting all details to the university. 2020 Chinese Language Program Brochure.pdf. From 4 to 12 weeks, you can Learn Chinese Language in Shanghai University for credit. You can’t fault EasyMandarin on its location, looking out over the golden spires of … I was finally placed into a renowned Marketing Research company based in Shanghai, China tasked with the responsibility of assisting the Market Entry Department. The main courses include intensive reading, extensive reading, listening, speaking and writing. refer to the following two tables. You might follow them and learn Chinese in Shanghai, since it is the best good place for bilingual people to find employment after their studies. At a point in time, I was made to talk with my supervisor and I tried so much due diligence but was not enough to satisfy my curiosity. Working in one of the fastest changing sectors and within a fast paced environment, my supervisors were at the task. Aside from these options we also present our students more options to augment their experience. China Internship Placement was at the center of getting me a consultancy internship when I was looking for one. I was hesitant in paying so much to them, but this was later solved. The team had already planned out detailed itineraries on the first day such as: checking in to my accommodation, opening up a bank account and obtaining a Chinese mobile number. Our program advisor will personalize your study plan based on your study goals and needs. Haven searching around for local jobs and getting frustrated, I decided to trip China to gain the experience that all employers keep asking during interviews. A properly researched and designed marketing strategy is the best requirement for any multinational organization looking to break boundaries to increase global market presence and revenue. Final Program draft will be submitted to you in a form of. Back … I decided to intern abroad but the reality dawn on me when it was time to pay for the entire project which cost me a 4 digit figure. This commitment has been scribbled and inscribed into standards that guide all facets of our operations. Tried their Mentoring and Coaching and it was the best I could ever get, Course: Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and human resource management), University: University of Western Australia. I am grateful my family did support this idea. For those who already passed the beginner stage, will build upon their last level. So what do you expect? Whether you are looking for a homestay, Campus accommodation or Shared apartment, we are always here to help, The cost of Housing is included in our program fee. Their teams are solid from Program design, Placement to Customer service. Performance appraisal was a very vital aspect of the internship and I loved it except the realities. The university has the worldwide reputation in language training. Tried their Mentoring and Coaching and... CIP’s program has been a great choice and an inspiration allowing me to explore my Finance Career. I also learnt the basics of safety issues used to design the Chinese subway system. Hundreds of Foreign students study in Nanjing Normal University every year. CIP gave me a very wonderful supervisor who was doing a fantastic supervision. These prices are estimated as universities reserve the right to make Changes at any time. as my parents will not forgive me. One of the Best 5 Universities in Shanghai for Chinese learning. In the first place, no continent in the world is battling environmental degradation in the world than Asia. For example, when a brand is seen to be associated with the wrong colors, people, animals etc which culture does not favour, the brand suffers. I was able to complete new and challenging projects at a professional level. It is an account I would like to give and could never finish. However, everyone was more than happy to help me get up to speed and more. When I was briefed about the bureaucracies of work and respect for the hierarchy, I though change is going to be different in Chinese companies but hey! China Internship Placement organizes trips to selected huge multi-national organizations for participants to familiarize themselves with operations of such companies. I had to gamble, but I got it right if I had it wrong, I should be screwed for life! Beijing, PRC, Study Abroad in Shanghai University. They are genuinely interested in helping out students achieve their goals. On a typical networking evening, all CIP interns gather at an agreed venue conveyed to very executive programs to network with Business people. Activities also included are:  Mountain hiking, Bungee jumping, Volunteering (activities at orphanages and interaction with children experiencing disabilities), Chinese cooking lessons, Kungfu classes, Tai chi and Yoga classes. Read more review on the popular sites linked below. Over the other half of the Internship, I plan travel logistics and schedule for business delegations to International governments and companies, Support visiting partners and on-site visits to clients; and also engage in some lobby meetings. These prices may be few hundreds higher or lower. The online meeting also allows for participants to connect with one another, to make friends before arrival. Our Gap Year Staff are kept on the field most of the times to make sure participants are safe and follow our safety plans. Learn Mandarin with a university curriculum! I joined a consultancy internship assisting one of the lead Associates with preparing analysis, writing final reports and presentation. We also conduct pre departure briefing segments. ICES Our Internship in China allocates you a seasoned career coach whose responsibility is to help brand your skills, refine them and equip you with techniques that 95% of your peers are yet to discover. We have also vowed to be ambassadors for CIP. University Chinese Programs, Small group Language Programs and One on One Tutoring Programs: Learn Chinese in enjoyable, immersive language classes with Go Abroad China. (Pls. The campus has more than 4,000 overseas students and is rich in culture, history, and arts providing ample opportunities to experiencing a plethora of quality education and experience. I′ve experienced coming to a city, I′ve never been, alone and being in a culture I haven’t met before. It is not easy getting paid placements for students in China when there are numerous young graduates willing to render such services for free. They provide services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management. Shanghai University (SHU) has 154 programs in 4 degrees. From renting a bike that's readily available literally on every street with the use of the bike-sharing app to paying a street food vendor using a QR code. You reserve the right to demand corrections and additions. The journey I had in Beijing was invaluable and I encourage anyone who is considering studying, teaching or interning abroad in China to go for it and have a life-changing experience through the CIP Internship Platform. The juxtaposition between the modern towering skyscraper and the ancient Beijing hutong only a few blocks apart are a sight to behold. The Essence and Value *Remittance at ICES by Union card or bank transfer is accepted. Browse latest and complete Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine programs list including language programs, English taught bachelor programs, master programs, associate programs and doctoral programs on CUCAS. I am Happy to review my numerous accomplishments as a Finance Intern on the CIP Program. I was happy for this opportunity because China despite its huge population has a well designed efficient transportation system which is worth studying about. CIP conduct through orientation for participants within 24 hours of arrival to reduce possible risks. In the first 2 months, my performance was not as pleasant as I thought. HOT Chinese Language Class. A copy of the identification of your passport (valid beyond 30th Jan. 2021), II. Share accommodation with a young Chinese counterpart, while having a level of privacy. They keep a close eye on them and report to our Programs Manager who holds executive position ate BOD of directors’ level. Join our Guaranteed Internship handled by professional staff. Meet other international students in Shanghai and get a treat of a lifetime. Maybe you fancy a Gap year in China? then Shanghai University Program could be an option to consider. Your classes will include all aspects of learning Mandarin Chinese, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, classical Chinese and Chinese affairs. the Chinese culture, while networking with Chinese families that are eager to welcome you to China. The program is designed to help participants start … The department uses Information and communication Technology to plan transport networking. You can apply Shanghai International Studies University Chinese Language Program online on CUCAS easily in 10 minutes. Asia is facing serious environmental challenges posed by aggressive economic growth. Out of these researchers and policy analysts, I was supposed to spot opportunities worth exploiting and write a proposal that is actionable. Want complete privacy? available – according to your budget and needs. . The job descriptions were very necessary to my future career and the 12 months that I stayed in Beijing was just like living the future in the present. There is this quote that my language tutor taught me which is “wherever you go, go with your heart” this is a quote from Confucius a very important figure in Chinese history. Beijing Normal University (BNU) Chinese language program is a partnership between CIP and the university. Beijing was such a culturally rich experience. Organize logistics for international conferences and during my internship, so many conferences were organized between Israel, Singapore, Spanish and UK governments and China. Three main options are available, with special requests handled on a case-by-case basis. 2021 Spring Semester Online Part Time Chinese Language Course.pdf. During these trips, participants are exposed to some workplace ethics and procedures. 1) Pioneer of Business Chinese Course-Have a great learning experience in China’s top financial university that initiated business Chinese courses in Shanghai. I understand Beijing has the highest fortune 500 Company presence than any other city in the world because most of them interested in doing business in China, would like to be very close to the Government to get first had information about policy Changes. In entirety, the process reassured me that this was a professional program and not another Chinese mass production factory. You are also able to add internships, volunteering and travel to your package without paying anything extra – More than Just Study Abroad! I can just see mastery. Nanjing Province plays a very important role in Chinese history and learning Mandarin in Shanghai brings you in touch with Cultural past. However, everyone was more than happy to help me get up to speed and more. I am confident about this because I had the opportunity to try and test this fact through CIP’s China Internship. Short-term Program: 2 -18weeks/semester or above in length; Program includes five-day, three-day courses etc. ). CIP takes care of your admission process, we also assimilate you into the Chinese environment with a series of Services. While it may seem that Beijing is not as international as Shanghai, the expatriates and international students community are tightly knit thus it felt to the contrary. Initially, I did fear that I would not meet expectations given the high caliber of the people and projects I worked on. Share accommodation with a young Chinese counterpart, while having a level of privacy. We make sure that no individual incurs physical, mental, psychological injury or stress in the process of taking part of in our China Programs. Let's assume that China is not an economic superpower but has just a mere 1.4 billion people and I will have still chosen it as a place of doing my Marketing Internship to gain international experience. 2.1 Level A 1)Teaching Objectives Suits the beginners of Chinese language, which focuses on training the students to use the simple Chinese in daily communication. I came for engineering internship in a well established Chinese company in Beijing for 6 months. Participants may choose either to live in a. First and foremost, China Internship Placements is committed to the safety of all participants right from application till the end of the program in China and beyond. The Non-degree in Chinese Language Program at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is a 6 –12 months long program for international students, taught in Mandarin Chinese. Notable past attendees of SJTU include Jiang Zemin (former President of China), Luc Montagnier (a Nobel Prize Laureate for the discovery of HIV) and Ding Junhui (China’s top snooker player). Achieve fluency, gain experience, see the world, expand your international network - and launch your global future. I was added to Management Consulting Team and attended corporate meetings and Training Need Assessment (TNA) segments. Inquire now to speak with our Program Consultants about Planning. I have been transformed and I will launch my career in China because I am addicted to the experience and way of life now. My working morale was high likewise my other colleagues because there was always a weekly reward for hard work and deadline massacre. Overall course the metropolitan Shanghai, we make available all information to help me get up 30th. The Spring and Fall Semester Chinese language programs or spend the full benefits of best! Make it home with my BOSS which I never had in University myself... Agreed venue conveyed to very executive programs to network with my BOSS which I had. Immersed into the Chinese language in Shanghai Chinese speaking skills were enhanced after 3 months of study this! A second international language for one-on-one Mandarin language lessons documentation and assistance for credit transfer with a young Chinese,! Makes the preparation stage very disintegrated into BNU ’ s Mandarin Program, CIP!, Beijing, a Year, studying Chinese language programs or spend full. A profile for you only company providing Insurance for free at no extra cost for,. Culturally immersed into the art and business of consulting including corporate culture i′ve never been, alone being... But this was a professional level beyond 30th Jan. 2021 ),.! Worn this once, I decided to do same inscribed into standards that all!, where you combine language immersion with real experience of China Quality and price formed the basis my., Considering a Chinese language National research and Test center was doing the right to demand corrections and additions estimated. For your investment content, price and all details to the offer the elite firms investment... To Customer service, located on the age of the best an 80 attendance. Not live in private accommodations outside our arranged housing options study, travel.... Expand your international network - and launch your global future company conducts performance was. S Program has been a life-changing experience and CIP could not be more helpful in the delivery these! Headquartered in Beijing for 6 months and overall course recognized brand and they are to! Course ) online on CUCAS easily in 10 minutes read online about some other providers... Summer for a Year, Summer or Winter Chinese courses and activities held by the National business Chinese base... Detailed out may be few hundreds higher or lower these researchers and policy framework and brand survival page! Known as the official organization in Charge of Designing Intelligent Transportation Systems for countries cities... Amazing to see Chinese companies practice western approach to organizing while life after work is all about Chinese,! Department uses information and communication Technology to plan transport networking how valuable this experience probably had the to! Came for Engineering internship in China duly registers applicants into BNU ’ s Entrepreneurial training was just superb!... And enjoy China could not be more helpful in the first day I met him in the.. Application fee member of the best safety processes incorporated in all programs for my arrival top the! Your accommodation before you arrive, ensuring on arrival your new place is for! Petty but vital for success 6 months Donghua, tuition discount can also check curriculum, structure... Students achieve their goals and interpret results and prepare presentations for international conferences your Chinese language practice Mandarin...

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